Chemical Engineer Job Description

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Chemical engineers are responsible for developing and producing commodities in oil companies, pharmaceuticals and other industrial businesses. Due to the growing technologies, chemical engineers today are known to revolutionize new products and methods in nanotechnology, fuel cells and biomedical engineering. Their tasks include on research, transformation of processes, improving and creating new products or chemicals and propose and buy new plants.


A chemical engineer works closely with process chemists and control engineers; often does research; creates and tests new chemicals; often sets up experiments and assess its results; labors on safety measures for employees working closely with chemicals; gives report on production costs and progress of a working project; does testing of new manufactured products in small scales; improves chemical processes; designs layout for new equipment and machines; weighs up the changes, growth and development of the plant; applies new techniques, system and methods; assists in selecting machines; and formulates new products.

Education and Training Requirements

To be a chemical engineer, one must finish a four to five year course in engineering. Some schools offer both studies and practical application in this field. Engineers who are of service to the public must be registered through a professional working licence. Although, it is not essential, many chemical engineers prefer to have a master’s degree and doctorate so they can teach in universities.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A chemical engineer must possess good leadership. They take initiatives in tasks and are creative, they are flexible and open minded. They can work in harmony with people from different cultures and languages. They accept suggestions coming from the team. They are well disciplined and very competitive. Chemical engineers must be honest, trust worthy, persistent and goal oriented.

Working Conditions

Chemical engineers’ tasks are based in plants, offices, and laboratories. They work on chemicals that can be rarely dangerous, and so they need to follow strict safe regulations and rules. The basic working hours per week of a chemical engineer is 40 hours but overtime is sometimes necessary. They must be skilled in math, logic and science because their work often demands problem solving.


A chemical engineer earnings may depend on work experiences, type of work and the location of the work place. It may also vary on the educational attainment of the person, whether it is master’s degree and doctorate degree. The wage may range from $60,000 up to $90,000 per year. The benefits a chemical engineer can obtain are health insurance, pension plans and paid vacations or holidays.

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