Chemist Job Description

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A chemist is a scientist that works with chemical substances, elements and structures. Specific tasks involved in being a chemist vary largely depending on the industry they work in, such as as cosmetics, mining, food processing and among others. Chemist falls in different categories which include, analytical, organic, inorganic, medical and materials chemists.


A chemist creates and combines new elements or substances to produce a new or active product; works on the quality of an existing product to improve it more; performs different types of laboratory tests; analyzes the result of the tests of a variety of products; works and collaborates with chemical engineers and other types of scientists; researches new techniques and procedures; performs and investigates the composition and substance of an element; generally, the task of a chemist is to conduct a research on compositions then, produce and develop new products that are high in quality and competitive in the market.

Education and Training Requirements

The basic requirement to be a chemist is to possess excellent knowledge in math, chemistry and computers. One must finish a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry to become a chemist assistant. To be able to participate in research and experiments, chemists should obtain a master’s degree in chemistry. To be able to teach as a university professor, a doctorate degree in chemistry is required.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Chemists are keen in details, independent and goal oriented. They must have basic understanding in different fields such as economics and marketing. They are very excellent in verbal and written communication. As curious as they are, they must also be very analytical in terms of working with computers. Chemists mostly work with people or a team, so they must be cooperative and a team player.

Working Conditions

Chemists are based in conducive offices, plants and laboratories. They closely work with dangerous chemicals but they are required to follow strict regulations to avoid accidents. They generally work forty hours in a week, in some cases, there’s a need for them to work on a night shift or extended hours from their regular working hours.


The average salary of a chemist may vary depending on the experience a chemist has and the type of institution they are working in. It can be in a private company or in the government. The minimum salary that a chemist may get in a year is $25,000 and may reach the maximum amount of $95,000.

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