Civil Engineer Job Description

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The job of a Civil Engineer involves planning and designing tunnels, bridges, highways, buildings, airfields, sewage systems, water systems and harbors, among others. They are also responsible for supervising the construction of these projects to ensure all procedures follow the drafter plans. These types of engineers find work in both private companies and government agencies, such as architectural firms as well as engineering, construction and consulting companies.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. After graduation, one must obtain field training to be able to take an exam for licensure. Positions in education, research and development would require a graduate degree. All civil engineers needs continuing education to keep up with advances in the field.

Skills Strong aptitude in mathematics, physical sciences and engineering, effective written and verbal communication skills, computer literacy, risk assessment/management and problem-solving skills. He/she should also be creative, persuasive, a critical thinker and must be aware of ethical issues of an engineer.

Specific work elements Analyzing maps, blueprints, drawings and other topographical geologic data needed in drafting plans, computing load and grade requirements, inspecting project sites to ensure conformance to safety, sanitation and design standards, directing construction activities at the site, testing soils and materials to determine materials for foundations, and providing technical advice about the construction and design, among others.

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