Clerk Job Description

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The job of a Clerk depends largely on the duties assigned for the position or location of employment. There are several kinds of clerks, such as clerical field clerk, colliery clerk, adjustment clerk, shop clerk, airport clerk, insurance agency clerk, and death-claim clerk, among others. They find work in manufacturers, department stores and other businesses. In general, duties of a clerk may range from basic office work such as entering data on a computer, filing paperwork and answering e-mails, to handling bills and payrolls.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess at least a high school diploma and basic computer skills. Courses in business math and business software are helpful. Larger companies may require a college degree, particularly when the position entails specialized work, such as bookkeeping or accounting clerks.

Skills Effective written and verbal communication skills, excellent interpersonal, multi-tasking and organizational skills, superb skills in practical business applications, advanced computer skills with proven experience in handling Microsoft Office applications and the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Specific work elements Compiling and maintaining records of office activities and business transactions, among other clerical duties. The tasks assigned may also vary depending on the size of a company. Small offices usually require clerks to perform various tasks from payroll to office duties, while larger offices delegate tasks by specialization, such as clerks responsible for bookkeeping, or those that are in charge for copying files, manuscripts and other company documents.

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