Coach Job Description

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The job of a Coach involves teaching fundamentals of a particular game and making sure these instructions are used. Coaches can be found in high school, colleges and professional game teams. They provide players with strategies to become better athletes and win competitions. At the professional level, coaches usually have specializations, such as bullpen coaches, pitching coaches, bench coaches, defense coaches, or offense coaches, among others.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a high school diploma and experience in teaching. Professional coaches are usually retired athletes, who have extensive experience in a particular sport, such as baseball or basketball. Some gain experience by working as an assistant coach, then advancing as a main coach.

Skills Leadership and teaching skills, effective communication skills, organizational and multi-tasking skills, and ability to motivate a team of athletes. Coaches must also be creative, observant, persistent, confident, focused and physically fit.

Specific work elements Adjusting coaching techniques based on individual strengths or weaknesses of athletes; filing scouting reports, keeping records of performances of an athlete, his/her team and even the rival teams; instructing athletes or teams on rules and game strategies; creating team or game strategies; developing competition programs and schedules; providing training motivation, direction and encouragement; performing tasks of a leader, organizer, referee and instructor; creating and supervising physical conditioning programs; and negotiating contracts with athletes, among others.

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