Computer Technician Job Description

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Computer technicians troubleshoot and solve operational and hardware problems related to computers of all kind. These experts plan, design and implement as well as test, install and connect the computer network. Technicians are usually divided between field technicians that fix the computer on-site and bench technicians where they work in a repair facility to have access to more tools needed.


A computer technician generally repairs computers with damage or dysfunctions; installs or downloads computer applications; assemble computer parts; does network maintenance and troubleshooting; checks and ensures the capacity of the computer; repairs computer connections; communicates with clients about the computer condition; and advises proper care of the computer and the best computer programs and brand. In terms of software, a computer technician makes software available to users; installs and tests new software; ensures the anti-virus software is installed, configured, and updated; distributes files as required for staff use; and maintains servers and network hardware. When it comes to hardware, a technician receives and sets up hardware; diagnoses and troubleshoots hardware failures; checks new computer peripherals and installs as expected; maintains computer equipment, wired networks and wireless networks, and desktops and server computers; provides technical support for both software and hardware problems in the office; and sets up and maintains backup system in-office desktop computers. Lastly, in network management, a technician checks the network back up logs where appropriate, carries out routine network maintenance tasks and sets up, and maintains and removes user network accounts where necessary.

Education and Training Requirements

A PC technician generally needs an associate degree. A number of certifications as well as exceptional technical and computer skills attached with years of experience enhance the resume of a computer technician. Certification is usually not required, but it becomes helpful when it comes to job opportunities and high salaries.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Computer technicians should have a wide knowledge to solve issues as well as develop troubleshooting and technical know-how’s. With evolving IT technologies, technicians must have a good understanding of networks, electronics, operating systems and software applications. They need to showcase a high quality of interpersonal skills in order to explain technical issues and problems to non-technical staff and co-workers.

Working Conditions

Computer technicians may work in multi-national enterprises, or even in small repair shops working a typical eight hours a day. They have to be prepared with various and exhausting tools such as USB drives, software troubleshooting CDs, and hardware tools.


Computer technicians earn nearly US $40,000 to US $65,000 annually depending on the experience and capabilities of the technician.

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