Construction Laborer Job Description

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A construction laborer plans, builds, and repairs a variety of different structures, from homes to bridges to paved roads. The job description of a construction laborer requires some background in engineering and the ability to work long hours doing physical labor.

Position Description

A construction laborer assists in drawing up construction plans, sets up structural frameworks for buildings, paints, pours cement, and operates construction machinery and vehicles to complete a variety of building and repair projects.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Construction Laborer

Assists in drawing up building plans and blueprints.
Conducts measurements prior to construction to ensure everything is built to scale.
Applies blueprints and engineering plans to construction process.
Digs holes for home foundations.
Determines which tools would be best suited for particular construction tasks.
Mixes, pours, and smoothes cement.
Sets up structural framework for buildings.
Uses jackhammers to drill into earth or cement.
Pours tar to repave roads and highways.
Mixes paint and paint thinners.
Paints highway lines.
Pants exteriors of buildings.
Positions walls and floors in home building projects.
Aligns pipes and plumbing systems.
Operates large construction machinery and power tools.
Applies grout, stucco, steam, sand, vinyl, plaster, and other sealants to buildings.
Adheres to all safety guidelines during the construction process.
Cleans construction site of debris following the project.
Sets up and takes down scaffolding.
Demolishes old buildings.
Inspects machines and tools for any problems or glitches.
Repairs and adjusts equipment as necessary.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Demonstrates basic knowledge of structural, industrial, or mechanical engineering principles.
Possesses basic math skills required for measuring and calculating dimensions.
Exhibits knowledge of materials and chemicals involved in the building process.
Demonstrates familiarity with proper safety precautions and hazards on the job site.
Is capable of reading and interpreting engineering blueprints.
Is proficient in the use of power tools.
Is able to operate heavy construction machinery.
Possesses stamina to work long hours outside conducting difficult physical labor.
Possesses strength necessary to lift and move heavy objects.
Works well with a team.
Communicates clearly and effectively.
Demonstrates good listening skills.
Pays attention to detail.
Possesses excellent hand/eye coordination.

Education and Experience
High school diploma or GED required.
Associate’s Degree or advanced coursework in physics, welding, math, and engineering preferred.
Experience in construction is preferred.

Work Environment
A majority of time will be spent out of doors, at times in inclement weather.
Shift hours vary according to weather conditions, season, and project.
Some projects may start early in the morning and end in the afternoon, while others may be at night.
Job sites may pose health and safety hazards.
Safety gear such as goggles and hard hats must be worn at all times.

The average salary for a construction laborer is $40,000 per year.
Experienced workers with advanced certification and training can make closer to $60,000.

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