Contract Administrator Job Description

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A contract administrator is in charge of managing company contracts. Acting as the link between a company and its business equivalents, he ensures that the company he represents gains the most benefit from every contract.


Contract administrators supervise activities related to contracts for buying or selling of equipment, products, or services. They check the operation requirements, schedules of delivery, and approximate costs of machinery, goods, and production to ensure that everything is complete and accurate. They are responsible for preparing bids, process qualifications, and test and progress reports. As contract administrators, their duty is to analyze bids from other companies to ensure that contract requirements are followed and determine which bids are acceptable. They negotiate contract with clients or bidders. If there is a need for amendments or extension of contract, contract administrators either request for or approves them. He works closely with the planning and production departments by giving them advices on contractual rights and duties.

Education and Training Requirements

Contract administrators are typically required to have a bachelor’s degree in business, human resources management or any related field. However, some companies, such as those related to engineering or manufacturing may have a preference for an industry-related degree. Because contract administrators are required to have at least two years of work experience, many administrators initially work at a lower level in a company.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Contract administrators should possess exceptional communication skills. They should be able to identify the short and long-term goals of a company. They must have the skill to coordinate with managers to review sourcing and contract strategies. Having a good decision making skill is a must for contract administrators because they have to resolve conflicts that may arise from any contract signed by the company. In this case, it is of utmost importance that they know all the laws governing the contracts.

Working Conditions

Although contract administrators typically work in an office setting, they are usually required to travel extensively to meet with clients and attend industry meetings. In general, administrators work for 40 hours per week. But sometimes work load and plant conditions require that they work longer hours even during weekends and holidays. Because this job is highly demanding and deadline-oriented, contract administrators need to be very flexible and must be able to work well even under extreme pressure.


Contract administrators’ average annual salary is $69,000; but this varies depending on a person’s education level and work experience.

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