CRM Manager Job Description

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The job description of a CRM Manager is to successfully manage customer relations by being a liaison between the company and the customer. The manager monitors customer satisfaction and devises ways for the company to better serve customers.

Position Description

A CRM Manager, or Customer Relations Manager, ensures that representatives who answer phones and handle customers are well-trained, that the phone lines are adequately manned and that customer complaints are resolved.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a CRM Manager

Supervises customer service representatives.
Ensures that customers receive the quickest service possible.
Assists representatives in handling disappointed customers.
Determines a course of action to resolve customer problems.
Interacts with customers using phone, fax, email, the company website and in person.
Provides assistance to representatives during extremely busy times.
Ensures that customer service representatives follow all company policies and procedures when dealing with customers.
Collects customer payments.
Issues customer refunds.
Takes customer complaints to upper management when necessary.
Interacts with vendors.
Coordinates employee meetings, parties and continuing education.
Generates reports for upper management.
Helps create, update and maintain call script for representatives.
Maintains database of customers for follow up.
Ensures a seamless process flow from the customer’s initial order to the delivery of products and services.
Uses social media to help promote the company’s products and services.
Reviews customer evaluations in regards to service representatives’ work and looks for areas that need improvement.
Trains newly hired customer service representatives.
Trains representatives on new equipment and software.
Approves employees’ time sheets for payroll.
Listens to recordings of representatives interacting with customers and uses the recordings to enhance training or offer necessary correction.
Trains representatives on new product and service offerings as well as special sales and promotions.
Analyzes the results of direct mail marketing and email campaigns.
Helps develop new products, services and promotions based on customer preferences.
Meets deadlines.
Stays within allocated budgets.
Participates in the formulation of the company’s strategic plan.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Must have outstanding customer service skills.
Strong interpersonal and active listening skills.
Must have good computer skills.
Must be highly detail oriented and have the ability to effectively multi-task.
Must have excellent management and leadership skills.
Extensive knowledge of the products and services offered by the company.

Education and Experience
Associate’s degree in Business, Management or Public Relations.
Certificate from an accredited technical school.
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Hospitality, Finance or Computer Science.
Experience as a customer service representative at a call center or other environment with many customers.
Certification through the Customer Service Institute of America.

Work Environment
Time is spent in a private office or shared office space.
Must be able to travel outside the office to meet with customers.
Must be able to work long hours including evenings and weekends.
Must be able to tolerate stressful situations and work under pressure.

Salaries at mid-size companies in small cities average from $45,000 to $85,000
Salaries at large companies in large metropolitan areas range from $90,000 to $150,000.

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