Dental Office Manager Job Description

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The dental office manager is in charge of completing all administrative work in a dental private office. They coordinate and schedule appointments with clients and they are responsible to manage the accounting aspects. Although they do not necessarily participate in handling the client, the dental office manager ensures all meetings with the dentist pushes through even with a hectic schedule.


The dental office manager plays as a mediator between the dentist/ office and the clients. He/she make schedules and appointments for clients and organize the schedule of the dentist. Dental office managers are in charge of filing and documenting all necessary data of each client, and overseeing all the activities happening in a dental office. They supervise hiring new staff and screen all applicants; complete and update financial documents for the dental office including pay roll, taxes, etc. Dental office managers are also responsible in maintaining the cleanliness and organization in the office.

Education and Training Requirements

The trainings and education of a dental office manager may depend on what kind of tasks will be given to them. Most of the private dental offices are required to acquire a course in sciences and must have trainings for dental office management. They must have also at least trained under any medical institution to obtain the job.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A dental manager is expected to have a strong medical knowledge. They must be excellent in the administrative skills. They are to possess a good character and confidence. Dental managers are outstanding in their communication skills both oral and written. They must be passionate and confident. They should have good logical and mathematical skills since their work requires financial management. They must possess a background in human resources for they are also in charge of hiring people. Dental managers have a good managerial skill.

Working Conditions

A dental manager is expected to work forty hours in a week. They regularly work in an office set up, particularly in a private dental office. They are assigned in doing administrative stuff; their work requires long hours of sitting in front of the computer. Dental managers work in regular working hours and regular days whenever the dental office is open.


The annual basic salary of a dental office manager may be up to $50,000. This may still depend on the type, size and location of the company. Their basic pay every year may include benefits such as health care, life pension and paid leaves.

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