Design Engineer Job Description

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A design engineer is responsible for performing research and creating designs of a new product, improving the characteristics of existing products of the company, and determining different types of products that will be of use within an industry. Design engineers can work in different industries, but their main tasks revolve in the field of engineering.


A design engineer performs intensive research to develop an existing product. The research results they’ve done will be applied to design new products or update existing products using a computer software called CAD or CAE. Design engineers are to collect and analyze data from various tests they got on a prototype. Before the launching of a product in the market, design engineers perform continuous modifications and tests to ensure the quality and effectiveness of products. They also prepare and present written documentation, while regularly providing updates about the product development or quality control. Design engineers also

monitor and ensure the product research and development does not affect the environment.

Education and Training Requirements

Depending on the field an aspiring design engineer would want to fulfil this career, they must finish a bachelor’s degree in any type of engineer course in college. There are also trainings that are available for design engineers but most can be obtained on the job. Those who acquired a bachelor’s degree usually begin working as an apprentice design engineer.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A design engineer must possess excellent logical thinking and problem solving skills. They should always have new and creative ideas to be able to produce competitive products in the market. They must have knowledge in the use of CAD and basic computer software. They should know the basic principles in engineering, possess good understanding of manufacturing a product, and are equipped with excellent oral and written communication skills. They should also be results-oriented, and work well in a team.

Working Conditions

The work condition of a design engineer involves spending hours in front of the computer. They may go to fieldwork, usually to set meetings with new and existing clients. Design engineers are required to work thirty seven to forty hours from Monday to Friday.


A design engineer would get a total pay of $70,000 in a year. This would also vary from different factors such as the type, size and location of their company, industry and educational level of the design engineer. Their basic annual salary may include benefits such as health/ life plans and paid leaves and vacation.

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