Director of Operations Job Description

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The director of operations is the one in charge of supervising all activities happening within the company building. The director of operations is expected to have several years of work experience in the company since they must be extremely familiar on how the business operates.


The main responsibility of a Director for Operations is to ensure that the employees of the company follow the policies implemented by the CEO. They develop company programs, schedule working hours and secure the image of an institution. Directors of operations also make sure that there is an equal treatment and opportunity among the workers. They also hire workers under their supervision, train new and existing workers, and ensure they abide by company policies while performing day-to-day tasks. Directors of operations also identify and distribute tasks to employees under their administration. They also oversee product production, client relations, quality control and every task related to developing a product or providing a service.

Education and Training Requirements

To obtain the position of director of operations, one must have a high degree in education such as a Master’s degree in management, plus several years of experience in managerial work. Completing management training or workshops could significantly increase the chances of candidates to obtain this position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A director for operations is expected to have an exceptional managerial skill and the ability to implement equality at work. These directors must be able to exude strong leadership skills and good judgment. They should be open-minded, patient, creative, enthusiastic, understanding and a team player.

Working Conditions

A director for operations is expected to work in a regular Monday to Friday schedule. Their working environment is in an office set up. They have a very busy schedule due to meeting with other department heads and overseeing employees at the same time. The director of operations work for thirty five to forty hours in a week, but may sometimes stay beyond working hours because of the demand of work.


The basic salary that a director of operations may receive in a year is $70,000. This may vary significantly due to the size, type and location of the company. Their educational background is also considered for their compensation. Benefits such as health care, life plans and paid leaves may also be given.

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