District Attorney Job Description

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A district attorney is a type of lawyer who represents a state or city in a criminal case. Besides analyzing evidence, they also need to argue cases and prosecute criminals in court. A district attorney is elected or appointed. The primary duty of a district attorney is to supervise the prosecutors and criminal prosecutions.


The responsibility of a district attorney is to represent the city, state or country in the court of law. The district attorney also needs to interview the accused and prepare for hearing trials base on the gathered evidences. Another task shouldered by a district attorney is the drafting of legal notes such as warrants memoranda and supporting affidavits. A district attorney also review and study evidence, analyze decisions, regulations, policies and all the legal matters that can affect a case. After reviewing the evidence, he or she will decide whether it is necessary to prosecute.

Education and Training Requirements

Candidates must first be a graduate of law and has been practicing attorney at law for years. The job requires dedication and one should possess strength and intelligence to grab a seat in the district attorney’s office of any city. Usually, it is a requirement to be a resident of the district in which they want to become a district attorney before getting the position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An effective district attorney has the understanding of criminal laws and codes to be able to argue knowledgeably in a court of law. He or she also needs to be aware of the functions associated to the job. Another skill needed to succeed in the position is to investigate diversion agreements, related evidence and must be able to propose suitable solutions. Good communications skills, which most lawyers have, as well as an eye for detail are also necessary in performing the job of a district attorney.

Working Conditions

District attorneys usually stay in the office comprised of numerous colleagues serving at the will of the DA. They stay at the DA’s office to do most of the investigative parts of their job, such as processing legal paperwork. They go to court on hearings where they present to the judge the gathered information relevant to their case. District attorneys also visit precincts to do interviews with the accused.


The salary of a district attorney mainly depends on the number of years in service. For those who served 1 – 4 years in the job receives about $60,000 annually. Those who worked for more than 20 years receive $120,000 annually.

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