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The basic job of a driver is to send a person or cargo from one place to the next. Many companies or individuals would want their travel time be shorter and faster. The job of a driver enters when they are to bring people from one place to another in a way that they would not eat the time of their client figuring out their way. There are different types of drivers depending on the kind of vehicle they are driving like taxi cab, limousine, trucks, etc.


Basically, the job of a driver is to give transportation service to the passenger. Most of the time they are found in taxi lanes and terminals; their job includes securing the safety of the passenger during the time of travel; they are to bring their passengers to their destination correctly and timely; some drivers would work on an on call basis from passengers who made reservations ahead of time; they are to estimate and give the right amount of fares to their passengers according to the proximity from their point of location to where they are bringing them; lastly, they are to ensure and maintain the condition of vehicle they are using.

Education and Training Requirements

There is no formal education required to become a driver but a high school diploma is necessary to most companies. Trainings are given to them once they applied with clean driving records. Trainings will include costumer service, assistance to passengers with disability and even seminars in verbal communication.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

They must have good oral communication skills and possess an outstanding customer care service. They must be familiar with the traffic law and signs on the streets and follow them. Drivers should know the different and common places of short cuts, one way streets, etc. Finally, drivers are expected to have skills in solving basic mathematical problems like computing the total amount of fare, change for the fare and others.

Working Conditions

Drivers are expected to work anytime from Mondays to Sundays including holidays and disregarding the type of weather for the day. They are expected to assist passengers with heavy luggage so they must be physically fit.


The annual basic salary a driver may receive is up to $40,000. This may vary in different factors such as type, location and size of the company. Drivers are also to receive benefits such as health care, life plans and paid vacations.

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