Editor Job Description

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The job of an Editor involves reviewing, correcting, condensing or adding content to written materials, sound, images, film, video and other media before the product is finalized. Editors find work in newspapers, magazines, film, advertising and other fields. Tasks of editors vary largely on the type of product being made. For instance, newspaper editors are responsible for a particular department such as local news or sports and ensure all written content to be published in their respective departments are error-free before publication. In magazines, editors oversee layout, design, written materials and other details to be printed and make necessary changes before making the final layout.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in journalism, creative writing, liberal arts, English or field-specific courses, such as film editing or graphic design. Advanced computer skills, knowledge in graphics or film, and excellent language, grammar and composition are also important.

Skills Strong written and verbal communication skills, excellent leadership, organizational and multi-tasking skills, attention to detail and ability to work well under pressure both individually and as part of a team.

Specific work elements Preparing, editing and rewriting copy to improve accuracy or readability; checking copy to detect errors in punctuation, syntax or spelling and make necessary changes; allocating print space for photos, text, graphics, ads or other content in a layout; verifying dates, facts, statistics and other information before publication; developing stories or ideas; and supervising writers, graphic designers, photographers or sub-editors, among others.

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