Engineer Job Description

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The job of an Engineer involves applying the principles of mathematics and science to develop solutions to technical problems. The tasks of engineers vary largely depending on specialization, such as civil engineering (transportation and structural engineering), aerospace (aircraft and spacecraft), agricultural engineering (natural resources), biomedical engineering (health-related), computer hardware engineering, and chemical engineering, among others.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in an engineering specialty. Teaching and research positions would require a master’s or doctorate degree, depending on the company and tasks involved in the position. Continuing education is important for engineers due to the rapidly changing technology in this field. Most engineering positions require licensure.

Skills Strong aptitude in natural science and mathematics, excellent written and verbal communication skills, analytical and organizational skills as well as effective interpersonal skills. Engineers must also be inquisitive, detail-oriented, creative, inventive, and be able to work well under pressure independently and as part of a team.

Specific work elements Preparing engineering analysis of projects, conducting surveys in gathering field data; interpreting or creating blueprints, layouts, schematic drawings or other visual aids; preparing technical construction specifications; managing budgets and schedules of projects; ensuring projects conform to engineering policies or standards; coordinating activities with other professionals; and performing other duties as assigned.

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