Event Planner Job Description

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The job of an Event Planner involves conceiving, organizing and overseeing the execution of various events, including weddings, birthday or anniversary celebrations, bar mitzvahs, fund-raising events, corporate receptions or other special affairs. Planners are responsible for transforming an event place to suit the occasion and client’s budgets, negotiating with suppliers, ordering food, sending invitations, making arrangements for parking, and supervising the event to ensure problems are resolved quietly and quickly.

Education/Experience Requirements Depends largely on the company and position. Event planners usually don’t need any educational background, but degrees in communications, business, hospitality management or a similar field will be beneficial. Hands-on experience overseeing an event is more important than education. The more events a planner has successfully planned, implemented and supervised, the more opportunities he/she will receive.

Skills Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, proven organizational and multi-tasking skills as well as knowledge of design, interior design, floral arrangement, costuming, set design and construction. He/she must be extremely creative, detail-oriented and has the ability to work with all types of people, work well under pressure and be able to motivate a team.

Specific work elements Developing ideas or themes for events; obtaining health/fire permits for outdoor events; promoting trade shows, conventions or conferences; discussing with clients to determine motif, requirements and objectives for the event; monitoring event activities; planning budgets and hiring suppliers based on the budget; reviewing supplier bills and approving payment; supervising staff at the event; conducting post-event assessments and cleaning up after the event, among others.

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