Facilities Manager Job Description

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The facilities manager supervises the facilities of school buildings, government and private hospitals, corporate buildings and other types of establishments. In essence, facilities managers are the custodians of the buildings they are assigned to. The work of a facilities manager includes maintenance, environmental and safety regulation adherence, grounds keeping, support for upkeep and maintenance and cafeteria, organization of events, consignment of space, etc. The facilities manager has budgetary powers and responsibility too for building maintenance and upkeep.


The duties of the facilities manager involve various activities that add to the preservation of a building and its facilities. He/she leads and oversees the planning of building upkeep and handles basic human resources tasks, such as hiring and firing personnel. Other tasks include budgeting for materials and supplies, setting building policies and making sure these rules are followed in the premises; choosing and buying furniture, data systems, security equipment and other supplies; as well as coordinating with other organizations, companies, schools and other officials that require the use of the building for events or other programs.

Education and Training Requirements

To become a facilities manager, one must possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction management or a similar field. Managers should also have experience in grounds-keeping or maintenance, heating and cooling systems, knowledge of electrical components and systems (HVAC or LVAC), construction, building safeguards and security, and hiring personnel. Many organizations prefer facilities managers that hold a certificate for master license and possess experience in building trade.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Apart from knowledge of electrical systems and building codes and blueprints, the facilities manager has to possess an analytical mind that would make it possible to understand information, manuals and policies of the facilities and structures they are supervising. Knowledge of computer systems and software are also needed to apply them into security and establish a database for materials, equipments and things that are part of the facilities and building.

Working Conditions

Facilities managers usually work 40 hours per week in a small office. Overtime work may be required for emergency situations. The job is usually office-based, but traveling is sometimes necessary if the job entails multi-site supervision for big companies.


Salaries may range from $44,300 to $76,600. The healthcare industry pays the highest among all the industry’s hiring facilities managers and with the church paying least. Most common benefit is in health and it includes medical dental and eye insurance.

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