Firefighter Job Description

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The job of a Firefighter involves protecting properties and human lives from fires, explosions, traffic accidents and other incidents that may require treating injuries. They are generally called firefighters, but since they organized into companies with each firefighter in the group assigned to a specific task, they are given different names. For example, hose operators connect the hoses to fire hydrants, tillers guide the long ladders in a fire truck and pump operators ensure water passes through the hoses and into the fire.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a high school diploma, attend some college and pass a fire exam, which includes a drug screening, medical examination and a written test, followed by several weeks of physical training. Some take up a fire science degree to be promoted to fire investigator or supervisor. All firefighters must also obtain an emergency medical technician (EMT) certification.

Skills Proven courage and determination; good judgment and problem-solving skills, interpersonal and leadership skills, and must be in physical shape with excellent records in stamina, strength, agility and coordination. He/she must also have a strong desire to help people and be able to work under pressure and under hot temperatures.

Specific work elements Administering first air or CPR to victims; rescuing victims from burning sites; driving and operating fire-fighting vehicles; assessing situations and fire conditions; responding to calls for assistance; inspecting fire sites after extinguishing flames; educating the public about fire prevention; inspecting building for fire hazards; and preparing written reports about fire incidents, among others.

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