Gallery Manager Job Description

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A gallery manager is someone who manages and oversees an art gallery. They are responsible for researching and contacting the artists, hiring and managing their staff, as well as making sure that the layout of the artwork in the gallery is pleasant to the eyes of gallery goers and potential buyers.


A gallery manager is the person in charge of dealing with the gallery’s business. He is responsible for planning and creating marketing strategies for the public to be interested in the gallery, as well as putting them into action. He speaks with the clients regarding the artists and prices of the different artworks found in the gallery. He is responsible in choosing which artwork the gallery needs, and keeps a database of all them. The gallery manager is also responsible for managing his staff. The gallery manager interviews and hires potential staff for the gallery. He trains them and keeps tab of their attendance and daily work. He sees to it that the gallery gets maximum exposure by hosting events and auctions.

Education and Training Requirements

To be a gallery manager, one must possess a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree in any academic field. They may either be art related or business related fields such as fine arts, and business administration. Most gallery managers are majors in museum studies. Before becoming a manager, one must move up the ranks proving he is responsible and capable of handling a group of people.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a successful gallery manager, one must have great attention to detail and must really be interested with art. They must know what kind of art sells and must have knowledge in the artists and an artwork’s history. He must have a good memory to remember all the artists and names of paintings/artwork as well as their prices. He must be a leader but at the same time a team player who can inspire and teach his staff on how to handle their workload.

Working Conditions

A gallery manager is usually found working in a gallery or a museum. He works the usual 40 hours a week, during store hours. His working hours can extend during gallery events, and he may be required to work during weekends, or when the gallery is open.


The average salary for a gallery manager is $57,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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