Hair Stylist Job Description

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Hairstylists are individuals trained to provide professional hair care and cosmetology services. They provide services for both genders and may perform tasks of barbers, such as grooming and shaving men’s facial hair.


Hair stylists conform to their customer’s preferences but they do advise on styles that would suit the customer much better. Using technical styling skills, they enhance the attractiveness of people by studying the bone structures of their faces, facial features and various factors to provide the most suitable hair style and makeup. Hair stylists also book appointments for busy clients, maintain a clean working environment and follow proper health and sanitary procedures. Hair stylists may also recommend beauty enhancement items such as anti aging creams, hair and skin lotions, wigs, toupees and hairpieces and shampoo and hair conditioners for both men and women. They usually keep a record of their client’s preferences and styles.

Education and Training Requirements

Besides a high school diploma or GED, one must obtain a license to practice hair styling. When obtaining a license, hair stylists must graduated from a state-licensed cosmetology institution, barber school or vocational schools, complete hands-on training and pass a written exam.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

The ability to assess the customer’s needs and meeting their standards are essential to a hair stylist’s success. Other important skills in this field include exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills and advanced knowledge of chemical components, composition and reactions, properties of substances and proper disposal procedures.

Working Conditions

Hairstylists work 40 hours and more, depending on the level of customers and size of salon. Freelancers usually work varied and irregular schedules. Those working in salons and freelancers usually provide hair services even in weekends and during evenings. Hair stylists typically work in a clean, well lit and relaxed environment. When working on hair dyes, stylists must wear face masks and protective gloves to avoid exposure to chemicals. Hair stylists should also be physically fit since they usually work throughout their shift standing.


In the beginning, neophytes may start with a mere $20,000. With experience, the average salary for hairstylists can shoot up between $30,000 and $50,000 per year. Work location is vital for a hair styling business to gain more exposure for the salon or spa. The more experienced hair stylists can average $33,000 a year. Some companies that work with the movie industry and performing arts can average a salary of up to $61,000 to $70,000 per year. Again, with experience, a loyal clientele can be established making that salary increase even more.

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