High School Teacher Job Description

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The job of a High School Teacher involves teaching students in private or public schools in one or more subjects in junior and senior level. They usually work in their fields of specialization, such as history, mathematics, English, science, physical education or foreign languages and teach up to seven classes daily.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in education, a teaching certificate and relevant teaching experience. This requirement may vary depending on the location of school. Some schools require teachers to have a master’s degree in education or in their respective specializations.

Skills Strong subject-matter knowledge; effective written and verbal communication skills, excellent time management, organization and multi-tasking skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.

Specific work elements Establishing and enforcing rules for behavior among students; adapting teaching methods to meet students’ educational needs; instructing students through discussions, lectures and presentations in one or more subjects assigned; preparing and grading assignments and exams; preparing class lessons; planning and conducting class activities; maintaining and updating student records; observing and evaluating students’ behavior, performance, health and social development; and meeting with parents or other professionals to discuss individual student progress and needs, among others.

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