Human Resource Assistant Job Description

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Human resource assistants or HR assistants are in charge of all employee records in a company. They keep all employee records up-to-date, such as name, contact details, job title, salary and benefits, some screens applicants and inform those who qualified. In other companies, HR assistants answer phone calls, perform clerical tasks and generate reports for managers.


The main job of a Human Resource Assistant is to keep all records in the HR department updated. He/she usually deals with keeping track of all documentation of an employee’s personal records, promotions, health insurance plans, personality and aptitude test. A Human Resource assistant also uses the internet to locate resumes; screen applicants and notify them if they have been rejected or accepted; cross-reference information of qualified applicants, and educate them of the company’s employment policies. HR assistants are also in charge of preparing reports to necessary department heads and managers as well as forms needed for routine questioning, procedures and claims. They also ensure that all HR documentations are aligned with the policies and procedures. They generate notices, check status of applications, and perform clerical tasks with the aid of a computer. They also represent the human resources department in meetings and other HR activities involved in acquiring information on wage rates, job titles, and criteria. HR assistants usually scrutinize staff members or documents when problems arise and propose diplomatic solutions.

Education and Training Requirements

In general, most companies prefer a human resource assistant with a high school diploma or equivalent. A human resource assistant must also complete training programs in basic computer and must be highly knowledgeable in HR practices.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a successful candidate, one should possess effective written and oral communication skills, exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills and be knowledgeable in state and federal policies and procedures as well as HR administration standards.

Working Conditions

You will find most Human Resource assistants performing desk jobs in enclosed, comfortable offices, working from thirty-five to forty hours weekly. They must be used to typing plenty of documents and organizing files.


A Human resource assistant’s salary is within the bracket of $30,000 to $35,000 per annum. HR assistants receive paid holidays and health insurance. Other benefits may vary depending on the work experience, responsibilities and the industry their company is included.

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