Human Resources Assistant Job Description

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The job of a Human Resources Assistant involves screening job candidates; answering questions about employees, creating reports for HR managers, helping out in hiring workers, performing research tasks, calling applicants to announce acceptance or rejection, and organizing a company’s staff records, such as salary or job titles.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a high school diploma or a GED. He/she should have some experience in filing and maintaining filing systems, working with computers, and performing other human resources tasks.

Skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills, organization and time-management skills, interpersonal skills, and good computer skills. He/she must also be tactful, diplomatic, neat, well dressed and has the ability to keep people’s information private.

Specific work elements Explaining company personnel policies and procedures; processing, verifying and maintaining documentation related to recruitment, staffing or other employee-related information; recording and updating data of each employee; processing and reviewing job applications; interviewing job applicants; arranging training activities, preparing company badges or identification cards; performing employee assessment tasks; helping employees in administering benefit programs or worker’s compensation plans; as well as advertising job vacancies, among others.

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