Information Technology Manager Job Description

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The information technology manager job description requires an individual who has vast knowledge of computers, systems and networking. This individual must also possess the ability to effectively lead a team in order to ensure that computer systems and networks run efficiently.

Position Description

The information technology manager maintains strategies within an IT department by managing the staff, performing research and implementing strategic solutions to IT issues.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an Information Technology Manager

Coaches, counsels, disciplines and mentors employees.
Initiates, coordinates and enforces various policies and protocols for IT efficiency.
Communicates job expectations to employees.
Recruits, hires, trains, fires, promotes and demotes staff as necessary.
Maintains a safe work environment for IT staff and other employees.
Coordinates projects by allocating resources and employees in a timely manner.
Participates in the diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair of computer systems and networks.
Evaluates company outcomes in order to make recommendations regarding new IT policies and procedures.
Meets financial objectives by budgeting, forecasting outcomes and managing spending within the department.
Attends workshops, conferences, ongoing training, seminars and other events in order to stay abreast of new information or technology that applies to the IT department.
Recommends software and equipment for making the IT department more efficient.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrates innate ability to work with computers, networks and various types of software.
Possesses vast knowledge of hardware and system architecture.
Shows the ability to accurately and adequately troubleshoot, diagnose and repair computer systems.
Possesses the ability to lead a team of IT specialists professionally.
Understands how to collect, use and maintain data for future reference.
Demonstrates the ability to property manage company time and resources as necessary for providing the best information systems possible at the lowest costs.
Shows the ability to handle multiple projects at any given time.

Education and Experience

An information technology manager may be hired with only an Associate’s degree and plenty of documented work experience, but most employers prefer candidates to possess Bachelor’s degrees in computer sciences, MIS or related fields. Database management, computer engineering and related courses are required. Still other employers will require their IT managers to have a Master’s degree in the same fields. Though it is not required, candidates who become certified by hardware or software companies tend to earn more and have better opportunities.

Work Environment

An information technology manager will work indoors in climate controlled office environments since networked computers must be kept at certain temperatures and humidity levels. These individuals are often required to work on the floor and move heavy office furniture, and they may spend hours upon hours installing new computers or systems. The physical aspect of the job can be quite demanding, and the candidate must be able to balance this with the mental stress that comes from staying organized, handling serious issues and minimizing downtime.


The average information technology manager salary is about $80,000 on average, and this salary can fluctuate based upon the size of the company, the size of the information systems and the number of employees that the individual must manage. On the low end, entry-level positions pay an average of $57,000 per year. However, individuals who have ample education and experience can earn upwards of $100,000.

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