IT Consultant Job Description

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Summary: IT Consultants are responsible for advising clients on how to use various information technology processes, systems and techniques to solve business problems or meet company objectives. They analyze, solve or develop an organization’s IT systems to ensure they work efficiently. Some IT consultants are hired on a project basis, while others are employed full-time to provide technical assistance on a daily basis. They can be a part of the IT, business development or sales departments.

Duties: The tasks for IT Consultants may differ and are highly dependent on the need or requirements of an IT company. For some consultants, a specialized skill on information management is a requisite. For most, the usual responsibilities expected are: to generate, identify and qualify methods of incorporating technology with the standard industry practices; study technical trends and how to effect these acquired information with the purpose of upgrading the systems ; and to seek, consolidate and confirm with the IT managers all developed solutions prior to implementation. They also function as advisors on industry alternatives, options, perils, and provide data on the advantages against the disadvantages of the same on the business processes and procedures.

Education and Training Requirements: Since consulting requires having the special skills, knowledge and experience in IT and the industry a consultant chooses to work in, there is no precise course necessary for the position as an IT consultant. However, to become an expert in IT, one must obtain a bachelor’s degree in any IT related degree, obtain several years of experience, and complete certifications of various seminars and training in specific IT disciplines.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements: A good and effective IT Consultant must have the following: above average and updated presentation skills; is formidable to customers, provides noteworthy and adept in interpersonal relations; communicates efficiently both verbally and in writing; very analytical and precise; comfortable in consulting; and at least 3 years previous experience doing the same job.

Working Conditions: An IT Consultant spends most of his time in gathering data and information either in front of a computer in a comfortable office or on the field consulting, conferring, interviewing and discussing with the other business managers; studying industry trends; and reviewing technical, commercial literature, and patents. On their own, consultants are to put together the output and serve to justify the same to the company management and their clients.

Salary: IT Consultants earn an average of $72,000 a year. Aside from the salary, they get bonus, profit sharing and commissions. They get all the government required benefits, paid trainings or further education on various fields of the IT industry required by the company.

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