Manufacturing Engineer Job Description

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Summary: A manufacturing engineer helps in the planning and coordination of a project He/she gives direction to workers in an industrial firm. Manufacturing engineers develop and improve the manufacturing methods as well as coordinate between departments for the employees’ workflow, the space requirement they need, and the layout for the work equipment they’ll be using.

Duties: A manufacturing engineer has a lot of work to do. He/she must be involved with the planning up to the packaging of the materials they need to produce. Not only does he/she plan and develop, but he/she has to be the one who disseminates the work. The manufacturing engineer must give instructions to the design and planning staff so that workers will be given the correct equipment they need as well as enough space to work on their project.

Manufacturing engineers also take charge of quality control when it comes to the equipment. They must make sure that these are working properly and would not be a hazard to the people using it as the people around it.

They also serve as human resource specialists for their field because they need to choose the right people for the jobs. They estimate how long a production is going to take, how many people are needed, as well as other business related costs.

Education and Training Requirements: In order for aspirants to land this job, they don’t really need a master’s degree for it. A bachelor’s degree in manufacturing engineering will suffice. For some research positions though, companies require a master’s degree.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements: For a manufacturing engineer to be successful, he/she must be good in time management, and foreseeing how much time should be allotted for the different jobs. He/she must be able to communicate well with the workers as well as the vendors to eliminate mistakes. A manufacturing engineer should be good with research, continuously researching new manufacturing methods to make work easier and faster. He/she must be a team player and must know the basics when it comes to the methods he/she wants to implement.

Working Conditions: Manufacturing engineers work odd days and hours. Their jobs may have to take them away from family during weekends and late hours, and sometimes, even during holidays. This is based on the project they are currently working at.

Salary The average salary for management consultants is roughly $82,000 annually. The lower 10% receives $62,000 annually, and the top 10% receives about $100,000 a year.

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