Marketing Assistant Job Description

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Summary: A marketing assistant’s main job is to support the marketing department by assisting with the following up with the clients, helping with the advertising of products and of course, assist in coming up and implementing marketing strategies that will further boost the company’s revenue. They also deal with event planning and organizing the marketing products of the company.

Duties: A marketing assistant works hand in hand with a marketing manager, supervisor or director. Most of their responsibilities are almost the same as the higher management mentioned, with the difference being they do not have the last say in any of the operations, though they will always be part in implementing it. Marketing assistants should be familiar and well versed with creative advertising, and they must strive to dedicate their work lives into finding ways on how to get the public to know about all the good points of the product they are selling, or service they are offering. Their jobs may limit them to just using the computers by making posters, fliers and advertisements. They may also have to write blogs or articles on the product or service they are offering. Other marketing assistants need to be more than just computer literate. They need to be good public speakers – they may talk in the company’s behalf. A marketing assistant should know how to coordinate a company’s public and private marketing events, and prepare the materials needed for it. They must also be up for performing administrative duties such as answering phone calls and filing reports and keeping track of the files of the marketing department.

Education and Training Requirements: Marketing assistants do not necessarily need a master’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in marketing communications or business administration will usually do.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements: A marketing assistant must know his/her company through and through. Must do research about the company’s profile and history. He/she must possess excellent customer service skills and be computer literate. He/she must be good with following directions as well as implementing them. He/she must have good communication skills too, both oral and written. He/she must be driven, creative and a team player.

Working Conditions: Most marketing assistants work 40 hours a week during office hours. There are occasions though that they need to do overtime, especially when working on a project. They are not limited to office-based work, they do field world and may bring some work home.

Salary: The average salary for a marketing assistant is roughly $43,000 annually. The lower 10% receives $25,000 annually, and the top 10% receives about $50,000 a year.

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