Night Auditor Job Description

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Summary: A night auditor or “house auditor” is a hotel employee that generally audits and creates reports at night as part of hotel management procedures. In a busy hotel, night auditors do accounting, computer and hotel management. Night auditors settle credit card transactions, making sure transaction between the hotel guest and the bank are completed, reviews and manages payment of room tax by the guests, ensuring all guests were billed correctly according to the rooms they are using. Night auditors are also responsible for auditing the day’s transactions to make sure all transactions are accounted for. They function as assistants to incoming guests and answer all phone calls in the front desk

Duties: The night auditor performs accounting at the end of the hotel’s business day. Accounting involves bookkeeping credit card accounts, recording data in spreadsheets and filing them and verifying billing transactions to close the business day. The accuracy of all information is very important and the night auditor needs to be sure that guests were billed correctly and properly. He handles guest requests like checking in night guests, assisting room service and handling checkouts. The hotel employs the minimum staff at night and the night auditor becomes the manager of the hotel at this time. The night auditor then needs to provide premium customer service and do housekeeping duties too.

Education and Training Requirements: There are no education or training requirements to be a night auditor, but most employers choose candidates with work experience. Previous experience in other hotel jobs, is a plus, as well as, experience in customer service fields like call centers, supermarkets or stores.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements: Excellent communication, arithmetic, computer, and organizational skills are essential for this work. An important trait needed for a night auditor is the ability to stay awake, alert and alive throughout the graveyard shift. Insomniacs and late night people are usually best suited for the job.

Working Conditions: Night auditors work in the hotel. They work regular 40 hour work weeks though they work on the graveyard shift. They might work on a fast paced environment on busy nights and sometimes work on slow and quiet nights. A great deal of standing up is required to accommodate and welcome guests and usually their work setting is in the front desk office.

Salary: A night auditor makes $22,000 annually on average. Factors like size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may make salaries vary considerably amongst network specialists.

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