Payroll Clerk Job Description

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Summary: A payroll clerk is in charge of ensuring that all files of each employee are well organized and are recorded properly. They keep track of updates and data modifications for each available file in the payroll. They are also in charge of computing and encoding payroll data in the computer system.

Duties: The main duty of payroll clerks is to compute the total amount of working hours an employee has completed and deducts the number of late hours or absences. Payroll clerks look for errors and make corrections in the payroll, calculate the total amount of pay an employee receives after tax deductions, benefit and attendance as well as keep records of other bonuses given to each employees. Payroll clerks are also assigned to release checks and complete bank transactions to send payroll to the workers, and keep transaction slips or record important payroll data in the computer for future reference.

Education and Training Requirements: The minimum requirement to become a payroll clerk is a high school diploma. It is very important for every company that an applicant have experience in using computers for filing. However, most employers prefer payroll clerks to possess a bachelor’s degree in business or at least two years of study in related fields, such as in accounting, management and finance.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements: A payroll clerk must have strong computer skills and must be knowledgeable in software programs such as Microsoft Excel or spreadsheets. They must possess good communication and customer service skills. Payroll clerks are team players and can work under a minimum supervision. They must have the initiative at work and be very responsible because their work involve money. Payroll clerks should be goal oriented and patient in performing hundreds of computations. They should have the capacity to keep confidential files within and outside the area of work.

Working Conditions: Payroll clerks are to work from thirty-five to forty hours per week. They have a regular 8 to 5 working schedule that is usually on weekdays. They work in offices with good ventilation and comfortable tables and chairs. Most of their work involves seating in front of a computer. The demands of their work are not very hectic, but can be stressful when meeting deadlines.

Wages: A payroll clerk may receive $30,000 annually. This will always depend on the location and the type of the company. The compensation may include benefits such as life plans, health care, paid leaves and vacations.

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