Preschool Teacher Job Description

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The job of a Preschool Teacher involves providing care and educating children under 5 years old. They use various creative teaching techniques, such as artwork, storytelling, games, music, nursery rhymes and computers to help build vocabulary and learn basics of numbers, alphabets, art, music and sports.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a high school diploma and Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. Some employers may require a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. All preschool teachers must obtain and pass a state licensing exam. Important courses in this field include child psychology, education theory, child development, curriculum planning and teaching techniques.

Skills Effective written and verbal communication skills, teaching skills, research skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills and planning skills. Preschool teachers must also be compassionate, patient, alert, detail-oriented, creative, and be able to relate information to children in a way they could understand.

Specific work elements Providing materials and resources to children; planning and implementing imaginative play and other learning activities; attending to basic children’s needs such as food and clothes; establishing and enforcing rules for behavior; reading books to the class; teaching basic skills such as personal hygiene and social skills; observing and evaluating children’s social development, physical health, behavior and school performance; meeting with parents or guardians to discuss their children’s needs and progress; enforcing administration policies; arranging indoor and outdoor education events, among others.

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