Procurement Manager Job Description

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Procurement Manager Job Description

A procurement manager is responsible for purchasing the goods and services required for an organization to operate efficiently. The job description for a procurement manager will include analyzing needs and seeking out suppliers to fill them.

Position Description:

A procurement manager supervises the workers in a company’s purchasing department in order to ensure everything that is needed for a company’s day-to-day functions is available when needed.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Procurement Manager

Contacts suppliers in order to negotiate contracts for certain services, goods and merchandise
Ensures the timely delivery of goods so that business operations can continue uninterrupted
Inventories merchandise to see if an adequate supply of items is on hand
Communicates with shippers in order to speed delivery as needed
Places orders for raw materials and goods
Supervises other buyers in order to ensure they are performing their duties efficiently
Sets ordering thresholds for commonly-used items
Performs quality checks on raw goods from time to time in order to see that vendors are not delivering substandard goods
Develops timelines for the delivery of particular items so that production or special projects can proceed as required
Implements storage procedures for certain inventory items

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Is able to communicate well with suppliers and end users alike
Has good decision-making skills and abilities
Understands business operations
Possesses good supervisory skills
Is able to stay within a company’s budget
Has good research skills and abilities

Education and Experience

In order to become a procurement manager, individuals will need at least a Bachelor’s degree in retail operations with a concentration on purchasing if they plan to work in a retail environment. For other businesses, a degree in business administration, procurement or economics could be useful instead. Procurement managers for highly technical firms may need to take some college courses related to that particular industry. This is needed in order to become familiar with the types of supplies and equipment that are commonly used. At least two years as a purchasing agent is normally required before being promoted to this management position.

Work Environment

A procurement manager can work in a variety of settings including factories, medical clinics, warehouses, or even offices. These workers may spend a great deal of time loading and unloading merchandise or stocking shelves, which can sometimes involve heavy lifting. They may also be required to sit, stand, kneel and bend frequently throughout the course of their workday. Procurement managers typically work in excess of 40 hours per week, with most of the time they put in being on weekdays.


The salary of a procurement manager can be anywhere from $44,000 to $130,000 annually. Things that will determine one’s salary are the number of employees being supervised and the nature of the goods being procured. Large-scale manufacturing operations tend to pay more than service-related businesses or government agencies do, with retail operations paying somewhere in the middle of the pay scale.

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