Procurement Specialist Job Description

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Procurement Specialist Job Description

A procurement specialist is responsible for ensuring a company has the right materials and equipment necessary to function. The job description of a procurement specialist will involve meeting with salespersons and negotiating contracts.

Position Description:

Procurements specialists are responsible for evaluating suppliers in order to find the best deals possible on goods that are needed for business operations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Compares prices amongst various vendors in order to make sound purchasing decisions
Works within a given budget to purchase goods and services for an organization
Ensures that products are delivered in a timely manner, and that the quality of the goods received is satisfactory
Negotiates with contractors on price, mode of shipping, and delivery time
Orders goods such as office supplies on a continuing basis in order to maintain certain inventory levels
Checks invoices for accuracy, and authorizes the accounts payable department to issue payment
Evaluates the performance of certain vendors in order to decide whether or not to continue buying from them
Inventories items in order to determine which ones need to be purchased
Enters data concerning inventory and order amounts into a computer database

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Possesses strong negotiation skills
Has good verbal communications skills
Is timely in following up on contracts and checking on backordered items
Is capable of staying within a given budget
Has good math skills and is quickly able to calculate the cost of goods and services
Is trustworthy and does not abuse authority or misappropriate funds

Education and Experience

A procurement specialist normally begins working after earning a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or supply chain management. Alternatively, one could also serve as a procurement specialist in the armed forces in order to gain the necessary experience. Serving in the military can be especially beneficial when it comes to securing a job with the federal government. Generally speaking, two to five years of on-the-job experience is considered to be the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree.

Work Environment

A procurement specialist will work in a variety of different environments including offices, warehouses and storerooms. One of these positions can require a great deal of standing, stooping and heavy lifting when inventorying items, and can involve sitting for extended periods of time when placing orders or recording data. Workers will also frequently be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Depending on the products being ordered, individuals can sometimes come in contact with hazardous chemicals, and may need to wear protective clothing when handling these items.


The salary of a procurement specialist can be anywhere from $34,110 and $105,610, with the median annual wage being $58,360. Those who are employed with federal agencies such as the Department of Defense tend to make more than those who work for private businesses. Likewise, individuals that specialize in a particular type of merchandise such as medical equipment may make more than those who are responsible for purchasing general merchandise.

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