Software Developer Job Description

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Summary: Software developers are responsible for performing a variety of programming assignments, procedures and data processing functions. They also have the task of maintaining and modifying software programs. They support the development of software programs and use customer requirements and suggestions in order to improve functionality of the software.

Duties: Common duties of a software developer include: monitors the full life cycle and development of an application; designs, codes and debugs applications in different software languages; analyzes software code, risks, and reliability; writes new program codes using prescribed specifications; evaluates interrelationships between programs; deals with software modeling and simulation; tests quality assurance; manages performance tuning, improvement, usability and automation; supports, maintains and documents software functionality; integrates software with existing systems; evaluates and identifies new technologies for implementation; plans and manages projects; maintains standard compliance of software codes; confers with users to gain knowledge and understanding regarding difficulties in program software; maintains confidentiality with regard to information; assists company personnel as a computer resource; and implements localization or globalization of software.

Education and Training Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in computer programming or related field is the minimum requirement of a software developer. A degree coming from a reputable school especially a degree in IT, science or math courses are always an advantage. Experience can only be attained through proper training of developers. They work on a trial and error basis most of the time which means that extensive training is essential.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements: A software developer must have basic knowledge of company programming procedures and programming languages. He must be quick to process computer data and must be analytical in order to troubleshoot difficult programming remedies. Patience is also required as changes and modifications are also made in programming languages. The ability to work well in teams is also essential as programming requires a number of people to complete.

Working Conditions: The working conditions for a software developer are normal office environments. Extensive use on a computer is obviously present along with long hours of lockdown time trying to troubleshoot programming deficiencies. Overtime and weekend work may be necessary in times of systems needing immediate response. Opportunities providing part-time work are not common but freelance work in software developing are plenty. Technology may even allow some software developers to work at home.

Salary: A software developer’s average annual salary is $75,000. Salaries for this job may vary based on location of the developer, employer size, years of experience and education level attained by the software developer.

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