Teacher Job Description

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The job of a Teacher involves planning, organizing and implementing appropriate educational programs that encourage students to develop their academic potential. Aside from helping students with their intellectual growth, teachers also provide an atmosphere that could fulfill their potential for emotional, psychological, emotional and physical growth. Teachers may specialize in subjects, such as art, music, social students, mathematics, science, language arts and other fields.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and obtain professional teacher education requirements, such as teaching license and state certification. Teachers should also obtain training for relevant technologies that could help in teaching. Some states require teachers to earn a master’s degree within a certain amount of time.

Skills Effective verbal and written communication skills, teaching skills, problem-solving and decision making skills, planning and organization skills, leadership skills, and advanced computer skills. Teachers should also be self-motivated, detail-oriented, flexible and adaptable. They must also have initiative, a high stress tolerance, and high energy levels.

Specific work elements Developing lesson plans, communicating learning goals for various activities, preparing classroom and other materials for activities, selecting instructional resources based on individual student’s needs; using various technologies to support lectures; observing student progress; assigning and grading class work, tests and assignments; providing feedback to students’ work; encouraging students; preparing required reports on students; managing and guiding student behavior; communicating with parents regarding student needs and progress; attending seminars and keeping up to date with developments in their respective subject areas.

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