Treasurer Job Description

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The job of a Treasurer involves helping executives with financial planning, investing, fund procurement; preparing financial reports for management; managing cash forecasting and budgeting; and developing goals, objectives and budgets of the treasury department. This position is an integral part of a company, so the person should have a high level of integrity.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a master’s degree in accounting, finance, business or a relevant field and at least five years experience in the industry. Certification is usually a requirement for large corporations.

Skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills, presentation skills, customer service skills, risk management skills, problem-solving and analytical skills, advanced computer skills, interpersonal skills, excellent organizational skills and extensive finance, business and accounting knowledge.

Specific work elements Preparing annual budgets before the start of each financial year; preparing budgets for fundraising and other projects; preparing a cash flow projection; preparing management accounts, draft annual accounts and audited accounts; maintaining bookkeeping systems; updating records of receivables; acting as cheque signatories; ensuring bills are paid; checking if investments are earning a good rate of interest; ensuring compliance with tax regulations and other finance-related laws; recommending changes to payroll systems; helping companies with fundraising activities; checking if annual return is made; monitoring tasks of auditors and independent examiners and attending industry events, among others.

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