Vice President Job Description

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Summary: A Vice President is the person second in command or the position below the president in government or business. The Vice is considered one of the highest positions next to president. They usually take over president’s duties when conditions such as illness, absence or death occur. Vice president have specific department that they govern in companies.

Duties: We find vice presidents work in either government or business. The vice presidents who work for the government are those who are appointed through electoral process. They are elected and voted by people in a state. Most governments have one vice president. In the event that the president cannot function, resigns, die or unable to accomplish his duties, the vice president will assume the position. A vice president may not work every day but they are usually included in president’s cabinet members. Therefore, they are required to attend cabinet meetings. Business vice presidents report directly to the CEO of the company or the president. There are numerous of job titles as vice presidents in a corporation. Examples are Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Assistant Vice President.

Education and Training Requirements: If we talk about being a vice president of a country, the educational requirements vary greatly between countries. For instance, most countries require Vice Presidents to be a native-born of the state, be at least 35 years of age and be at least 14 years of resident of the United States of America. Vice presidents found in companies should possess a degree in business. Having master’s and doctorate title is also an advantage and ten years experience in lower position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements: Both Vice president in government and business should know how to communicate with different kind of people. A vice president of a country talks to different kinds of people around the world, so is the vice president that work in company; they close deals with other business partners. Both also have time managing and leadership skills.

Working Conditions: Vice president works in an office with regular working hours from 8am- 9m although vice president of a country may not work in a daily basis. On the other hand, vice presidents in companies also work in office. They have tight deadlines and the report to the CEOs of the company. If work is demanding, they can extend their working hours. Because they hold a high position, they usually have secretaries or assistants that help them out.

Salary: A Vice President may receive an average pay of $82,000. The amount of salary of a Vice President may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. Specifically a vice president for sales may receive a pay amounting to $87,000 annually.

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