Video Editor Job Description

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The job of a Video Editor involves assembling materials such as graphics, photography, dialogue, raw camera footage, sound effects and other special effects into a finished product with quality, length or production acceptable for broadcasting. Video editors are usually hired on a per-project basis by private companies, television, advertising firms and post-production studios.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in video production, film editing, filmmaking, photography or a related field. They should be highly skilled in digital editing systems and have extensive knowledge of digital camera technology.

Skills Excellent communication skills, exceptional computer skills, technical writing skills, sales and advertising skills, advanced knowledge in editing programs and software, skill in handling digital equipments and ability to meet deadlines.

Specific work elements Cutting shot sequences to various angles; studying scripts; editing films and videotapes to include sound effects, dialogue, music and other elements; correcting errors; selecting shots for each scenes suitable for the story line; verifying time codes and key numbers; choosing specific visual effects, music and special audio; organizing raw footage into a continuous film; reviewing edited tapes and assembled films; programming graphic effects; setting up and operating computer editing systems; communicating with producers and directors to meet specific goals; supervising and coordinating activities with other staff members; developing post-production models for films; and developing film soundtracks, among others.

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