Visual Merchandiser Job Description

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Summary: A Visual Merchandiser creates and designs in-store window displays in shops or department stores. They are responsible for making a distinct look for the store in order to boost sales and attract customers. Through creativity, visual merchandisers make themes that are used whenever they update the look of a window or display. Some of themes are associated with annual events like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas, also other themes can be fashion related.

Duties: A Visual Merchandiser conducts research on the latest fashion trends. They sketch and develop floor plans. They look for materials that are needed in the display like props, lighting and accessories. They take advantage of the design and layout for a store. To maximize usage of available space, they install and dismantle displays. In fashion stores, windows mannequins are used and dressed. They prepare displays whenever there are promotional events. They also give suggestions to head office with their observations on buyers. They also coordinate with in-store sales employees and visit nearby stores. Before putting a display window they make a visual presentation of the store. They work with visual merchandising manager and the creative director.

Education and Training Requirements: A Visual Merchandiser with a degree in graphic design, visual or fashion merchandising or other related field is more favoured. Having experience in retailing or marketing is helpful in understanding buyer’s behaviour. For this position formal training in either retail experience or visual merchandising is needed because most operation will require seeing your portfolio.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements: Visual Merchandisers are very creative. They create different looks for a display each time. They have a good sense in designing. They use their imagination in plans or designs. They pay attention to every detail of the window. They use texture, light, colour and movement to create artistic techniques. They use different techniques and tools in planning and designing.

Working Conditions: Visual Merchandiser can be a part-time or full-time job. Freelancing is common. What good about it, you can be a freelancer and work with different stores with displays. However, installation of displays may take place during weekends and late at night when stores are already closed. It involves travelling from place to another depending on client’s store location.

Salary: A Visual Merchandiser may receive an average pay of $33,000. The amount of salary of a Visual Merchandiser may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. While part-time merchandiser, may receive a pay amounting to $19,000 annually.

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