Web Designer Job Description

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Summary: Since the internet has been a vast medium of advertisement and communication, business, organizations, and schools alike have seen to it that they have an online presence through a website. The design, layout and most of how the information is written on any given website are included in the job description of a web designer. They give life and an aesthetic edge to a website.

Duties: A web designer is usually hired at the first stages of putting up a webpage. Their main objective is to add graphic design to the page that coheres with the information about the company as well as the products and services offered. A web designer meets up with clients and collaborates with them. He/she gives possible ideas and shows a draft of it. He/she needs to know all the information to be put on the site, as well as what the client wants. The web designer needs to take down notes on what color, style and layout the client prefers. It’s also their job to add color, photos and illustrations, videos and animation. Sometimes, when a web designer is hired when a page has already been created, it’s his/her job to either continue the work that has already been done, or create a new design altogether. When creating a new design, a web designer should always coordinate with their clients first.

Education and Training Requirements: A web designer does not necessarily need to have a bachelor’s degree in graphics design or fine arts. Some web designers teach themselves the basic tools like HTML and Flash. What’s important is the portfolio you will be showing a client. Web design is something that anyone with the right attitude can learn.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements: To become a successful web designer, one must be creative, flexible and time conscious. They also need to be able to handle situations under pressure. They must have good written and verbal skills as they will be working closely with their clients. A web designer must have mastered the many kinds of HTML, FTP, and various programs such as Adobe’s Illustrator, Photoshop, Creative Suite or Dreamweaver.

Working Conditions: Web designers are often free lancers and entrepreneurs. They manage and work at their own times. They just need to be flexible when it comes to time because clients may call them even in the middle of the day to pitch in a design concept.

Salary: The average salary for a web designer is $59,000 annually, but may depend on the company location. The more experience and certifications a web designer has, the higher the salary he/she receives.

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