Accounting Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all accounting, taxation process and ensure optimal quality of all processes.

Oversaw efficient work of all employees and answer all customer relate queries.

Coordinate with all third party application provider and share services.

Prepare reports for ledgers, trial balance and reconcile all statements and ensure integrity of all data.

Perform research on various accounting processes, analyze variances and prepare appropriate reports.

Manage all specialize accounts for various pension and unit plans.

Prepare specialized accounts for unit trust, life and pension, taxation, etc.

Administer all reconcile statements for cash and income accounts.

Maintain portfolio activity, update entries in general ledger and evaluate it on regular basis to ensure accuracy in rate.

Prepare reports for broker dealers and respective accounts.

Coordinate with internal auditors and answered all related queries and prepare associate reports on same.

Monitor all accounting deliverables, process all vouchers and ensure work according to deadline.

Prepare reports to be submitted to management and recommend improvements if required.

Perform reconciliation of all reports for cash inflow from abroad.

Evaluate all cost receivables and payables on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.

Manage all information and update it on automated systems and generate accounting reports.

Forecast budget requirements, update journal entries and prepare reports on same.

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