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Accounting Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain records of accounting transactions and evaluate results efficiently.

Analyze accounting process, identify issues and perform research on all solutions to ensure efficient workflows.

Maintain journal entries and all ledger accounts and ensure reconciliation of all statements according to US GAAP.

Perform regular analysis on accounting issues and resolve it efficiently.

Administer reconciliation of all contract amounts and manage all claims on monthly basis.

Maintain and perform regular update on accounting systems on an everyday basis.

Provide technology support to clients and analyze all input data for clients.

Prepare balance sheets and income statements and provide support to all internal and external auditors.

Develop various systems to improve efficiency of accounting processes.

Monitor all reporting requests and prepare reports on a regular basis to ensure resolution.

Coordinate with management and departments and ensure optimal quality of services to all clients.

Collaborate with project teams and resolve all accounting issues for new products and system.

Monitor inventory for stock accounts, prepare status reports for all fixed assets.

Manage billing of all contracts ensure accuracy in same and perform evaluation on a monthly basis.

Develop various internal control programs and maintenance program for same.

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