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Fund Accounting Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Administer efficient working of fund accounting staff and manage all communication with service partners and resolve all asset and cash discrepancies effectively.

Analyze processes and prepare reports on everyday basis for same, evaluate all reconciliation on expense accruals and provide support to all stakeholders and maintain professional relationships with suppliers and customers.

Participate in various cross divisional initiatives and perform system enhancement and analyze and resolve all fund risk issues effectively.

Prepare financial statements for all funds on quarterly basis, maintain records of all foreign exchange and reconcile all difference between partner books and fund accounts.

Maintain records of all partner capital account booking on annual basis and perform all daily functions according to departmental guidelines.

Prepare and analyze all system reports and resolve any discrepancies in same, maintain internal controls and prepare associate documents for same.

Coordinate with supervisor and resolve all issues in funds and ensure compliance to all departmental guidelines and maintain appropriate filing systems.

Evaluate and perform all operations for pension funds and perform regular calculations for everyday and monthly valuations and prepare necessary reports for submissions to clients and management.

Hire and train all employees in fund accounting procedures and evaluate working of all staff.

Schedule meetings and manage communication within departments and evaluate all operations and ensure compliance to all procedures and controls and prepare reports for all clients and internal departments.

Develop all corporate goals and evaluate and reconcile all monthly packages and ensure integrity of all records.

Perform various share coverage tests and perform audit on fund reports in coordination with external auditors on annual basis.

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