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Internal Audit Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement yearly audit plan for assigned region.

Perform duties essential to attain internal audit goals coordinating with various regions.

Develops and maintain professional and close relations with client and staff.

Supervise control environment within given company region.

Conduct and record controls self-assessment in assigned region.

Manage and perform internal audit projects recording existing control environment over business risk.

Evaluate control environment performance by test work.

Conduct audits working directly with all internal management levels as well as external clients.

Review existing company assets and ensure to maintain apt safeguards from all sorts of losses.

Analyze integrity and reliability financial information and means used for identifying measure, classifying and reporting information.

Review and record activities and plans defined by management to resolve issues identified by audit findings.

Examine records to assure apt transactions recording and comply with applicable agreements, laws and policies.

Direct planning, organizing and monitoring of internal audit operations.

Recommend methods to enhance and improve control procedures.

Prepare audit plan for every Operation Divisions and develop schedule to conduct audits every year.

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