Internal Audit Staff Responsibilities and Duties

Prioritize and support scheduling audit tests for conducting and interacting with auditees to attain necessary information.

Prepare knowledge of business processes through assisting project leaders.

Develop audit programs, training materials and tracking issues.

Ensure to attain comfort level in dealing with confidential data and information.

Support department administration for timely report issuance, issue tracking, special projects and other assigned duties.

Assist bookkeepers to respond to questions and convey updates on procedures and policies.

Prepare reports on field trip payroll and invoices for school and varied groups using WCS transportation services.

Ensure to adhere to school accounting policies and procedures.

Research differences between financial information and records to resolve all issues.

Ensure data accuracy and comply with established procedures.

Respond to various inquiries from staff, government agencies and state auditors to provide information to schools.

Direct relevant school accounting problems and clarification as required.

Review district internal procedure and processes.

Controls travel reimbursement associated issues, state accounting manual and waiver recompense requests etc for purpose to ensure financial information is accurately protected, processed and reported.

Participate in different meeting for purpose to convey and collect information needed to perform functions.

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