Accounts Payable Representatives Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Monitor all payment requests and invoices and ensure compliance to company policies.

Maintain and ensure an effective account payable process and perform match audit for same.

Administer all manual invoices according to company policies and procedures.

Evaluate all vendor statements and assist in account reconciliation.

Provide support to all internal and external audits and prepare reports for data.

Manage and process all account payable invoices and administer check requests to ensure absence of any discrepancies.

Maintain and update vendor address book and reconcile all vendor monthly statements.

Prepare documentation for all 1099 vendors.

Analyze all invoices and ensure accuracy of purchase orders.

Monitor any duplicate invoices, perform regular coding and investigate any discrepancies.

Manage all inquiries and issues from vendors and assist in timely resolution.

Provide optimal customer services and coordinate with finance department for same.

Maintain and process all invoices for payments and manage general ledger for same.

Administer all checks and manage all stop payments for same.

Maintain and update all account payable files.

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