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Assistant Technical Director Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement various operational procedures, policies and strategic objectives to achieve organization goals.

Arrange and configure technical requirements for assigned projects.

Develop technical estimates, schedules and drawings in conjunction with technical department.

Coordinate with Technical Director to schedule tasks for technical staff to effectively utilize human resources.

Oversee entire aspect of technical events and setups to conduct events efficiently.

Provide technical support to manage various events as per customer requirements.

Recruit train and technical staff to administer competent technical talent for organization.

Assist external technical to resolve complicated issues as per Chief Technical Officer’s directives.

Participate in production meetings to discuss various aspects and issues regarding event management and provide suggestions for same.

Coordinate with production engineers, artists and other technical staff to ensure resolution of all issues within timeframe and manage optimal working of all projects.

Develop and implement overall operational and strategic plan to streamline company’s projects according to established goals.

Collaborate with technology group and production artists to coordinate entire aspects of staging events in timely manner.

Monitor studio’s production work and prepare schedule to provide support to production to integrate technical components in production process.

Prepare and implement integration tests, design custom tools, report all bug and prepare software scripts to facilitate shot progression in technology environment.

Design and implement new technologies and perform analytical studies as per requirement.

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