Associate Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate all working of formal staff and ensure compliance to all timescales.

Provide good professional customer experience and administer all vaults.

Review all daily deposit and maintain effective control on same and place all deposit in hold within required timeframe.

Participate in various meetings to meet all sales objectives and perform all related activities.

Ensure compliance all handbook policies and practices in all company processes.

Monitor inventory levels and manage all food cost controls on weekly basis.

Prepare all documents and maintain files to resolve all guests issues efficiently.

Coordinate with manager and develop and administer all online marketing plans and perform research on all new techniques and recommend improvements to website.

Perform regular market research and ensure effective reach to all community for various products.

Prepare records of all research finding and analyze all documents and prepare reports to be submitted to management.

Coordinate with external vendors and prepare strategies for all online projects and maintain budget for all projects.

Develop all marketing dashboards and manage all communication with management.

Collaborate with vendors and resolve all issue and modify projects if required.

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