Branch Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Administer everyday operations for all sales activities.

Resolve all customer issues and facilitate new accounts development and recommend appropriate new selling techniques and resolve all customer issues.

Develop professional relationships with all customer contacts.

Determine all profit and sales objectives and design effective strategies to maintain inventory levels at all times and manage all work according to branch policies and procedures.

Implement all required safety programs and provide required training to employees to enhance operation and supervise efficient working of all employees.

Administer all marketing requirements and provide optimal level of customer services and provide training to all personnel at required locations.

Provide support to all district suppliers and maintain efficient counters at all supermarket and schedule all promotional activities.

Assist branch manager to provide optimal customer services and reconcile receipt and cash payment.

Administer new accounts and prepare reports to be submitted to management on monthly basis and train all bankers in sales production.

Prepare all money orders and travelers checks and maintain neat and clean teller area at all times according to bank policy and train all employees for same.

Provide optimal customer services and prepare all sales paperwork for branch within timeframe and resolve all customer inquiries associate with billing issues.

Organize all safety meetings and adhere all safety regulations and monitor all phone calls from various vendors and customers and maintain and update all product knowledge of branch.

Coordinate with customers and assist to set up all equipment and monitor all stock transfer and ensure accuracy in same.

Collaborate with human resource department and resolve all personnel issues and determine all prospect requirements and update knowledge on all banking products and services.

Provide optimal customer services to resolve issues and perform interview with all applicants for consumer loans and facilitate in loan approval.

Supervise efficient working of staff and maintain smooth work flow and assist branch manager to achieve all annual growth objectives and develop all project plans to improve business.

Supervise product front line and monitor all member complaints and maintain efficiency in branch office operations and manage all communication with events.

Prepare and ensure maintenance of service staff schedule and perform audit on branch activities and prepare required reports.

Maintain high standard of services in branch and prepare accurate records.

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