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Chief Technical Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Organize and monitor all technical activities for various projects and ensure compliance to all objectives and prepare appropriate budgets and coordinate with various staff to ensure customer satisfaction.

Prepare and maintain project budgets and ensure compliance to all project schedule and ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Monitor and provide expert knowledge on all tests and technologies and perform all system level engineering services to develop hardware and software for systems and ensure adherence to all product designs and project requirements.

Determine all design philosophy and ensure consistency for same on projects and participate in various events to maintain knowledge on latest technologies and investment.

Administer and ensure optimal utilization of all company resources to increase growth and develop various new products for services to maintain effective growth.

Monitor all equipments and tools and complete all projects within required timeframe and ensure optimal quality standards for same and monitor efficient working of multiple projects.

Coordinate with company project engineers and achieve all company objectives and assist HR department to recruit and train engineering staff.

Maintain all information of patients confidential and assist to fill all patient forms according to required policies.

Assist departments and coordinate various engineering practices to reduce cost and improve quality of projects.

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